Full Range All-Weather Sound

From the moment CASP arrives at your show, our crew works to make communications at your event complete. More than 17,500 watts of amplification feed an all-weather distributed 70-Volt FULL RANGE SYSTEM, zoned for optimum coverage of the general admission areas.

Additional amplifier zones and speakers are assigned for your VIP section with subwoofers for an enhanced audio experience. Check out our video feature from Community Professional Loudspeakers below.

You can also read about our use of complex speaker designs here at the Community Professional Loudspeakers site.

Production Services

We're not bringing you just a bunch of speakers in a truck! We're bringing you decades of production experience in air shows, corporate events, radio, and television production. We understand how to support your show and enhance your audience's experience.

We work with every air show announcer in the business and we bring an array of supporting music to make sure that every act is as entertaining as possible.

If you'd like to pre-record your Sponsor Spots to give your show that extra polish click here and check out what our friends at Behind The Scenes Productions can do for you.

Air Boss Communications

Our Air Boss Communications Rig includes: two Icom A-200 radios, a David Clark DC-500 intercom, and an array of David Clark electronic noise canceling headsets.

We also provide a weather station for the air boss to provide up to the minute wind speed and direction advisories to the performers.

The 160 sq. ft. deck is spacious with plenty of room for air boss, assistant boss, FAA monitors, show and guest narrators.

Our new parent company Behind The Scenes Productions can provide your air show or event with a wide array of resources from pre-recorded sponsor spots, custom fireworks tracks, vinyl banners, and so much more. Click here to learn more!

Announcer/Engineer Talkback

The air show audience expects to be entertained at your air show and entertained at a professional level. If you want to hire someone who will bring you a truck load of speakers and make noise go for it, but if you want to hire a true Air Show Professional Sound & Production Company you need to email Dave and get on the CASP schedule. We have invested in technology that allows our crew to take and give discrete cues to the announcer. Through this talkback system we keep the show tight and the entertainment experience high!

No Step

Self Contained & Self Powered

With our whisper quiet inverter generators we can power the sound and production resources while also providing power for the Air Boss Communications Package.

Remote Wireless Speakers

There are times like in this picture of the Cleveland National Air Show that a wireless speaker option has to be employed due to operational issues. Here close to 2,000' of crowd area are covered wirelessly by a pair of Community RSH462 speakers on a scissor lift.


Next Steps...

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